Is This Land Cruiser/VW Mashup Worth Assembling $10,000?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

There's a new Mad Max movie coming next year, but if you can't wait until then today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Land Cruiser might just let you get your post-apocalypse on. That is, if its price isn't maddening.

I probably should have mentioned that the VW Type 3 1600 is not a quick car. No, zero to sixty times on those are equatable to glacial ablation, making them almost somnambulant by today's standards. Perhaps that information would have driven the vote even further south, but as it was yesterday's 1970 Notch quickly came away with a substantial 83% Crack Pipe loss.


Speaking of crack pipes, today's wildly reinterpreted 1970 Land Cruiser looks like something a rouge member of the DEA might use to hunt down drug runners coming across the border. Now before you protest that this doesn't look anything like Toyota's venerated off-roader, the ad says Land Cruiser, so that's what we're going with. Actually, to be accurate, the ad says Landcruiser. Then again, it also contains the word Truggy which is… well, I don't exactly know.

Whatever it is, this thing looks AMAZING. Yeah the VW Beetle body probably isn't as commodious as the original J40's, but there's a roof rack and a desert storm-painted cooler atop the spare tire for all your dessert storms.


Not only has the Toyota body been given the heave-ho, but so has the original mill. In its place is what's described in the ad as a small block Chevy (SBC), and a gander under the fiberglass hood seems to back up that ascertain. Transmission duties are handled by a 3-speed stick, and one would assume the truck is still 4WD. At least that looks to be the case as it still sports locking hubs up front.


On the inside there seems to be lots of bare metal, a roll cage and racing seats, and what is possibly the world's most incongruous and yellow steering wheel.

Truck mirrors on the doors let you appreciate all the agog drivers following you, while an abundance of lights on both the nose and roof will let you see the dropped jaws and pointed fingers ahead.


Mileage? Of what, the Land Cruiser? The engine? Or perhaps, the Beetle on top? This ain't that kind of ride, my friends. Mad Max doesn't care about how many miles he's gone, and neither should you. What you should care about is how much this apocalypticar costs.

The ad is asking $10,000 for this odd-bodkin of a beast, and as you would expect there's no explanation for either its existence or its current presence on the Craigslsists. Regardless, what's you take on this balls-deep loony Land Cruiser, and its ten-grand price? Is that a mashup that seems just crazy enough to work? Or, does at that price should prospective buyers just walk away?


You decide!


Tucson Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to J. Walter Weatherman for the hookup!

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