I Really Should Hate This Retro-ized Mercedes More

I know, yes, technically, it's awful. I know that it's both stealing needed parts away from a genuine vintage restoration while simultaneously debasing the modern design. I know all this, intellectually. But for some reason, I can't make myself really hate this retro-ized 600SL.


Maybe it's the inherent elegance of those 60s-vintage bits of lighting equipment, or maybe I'm just conditioned to like those thin, chrome blade bumpers. Maybe the part of my brain that likes Mitsuokas is leaking enjoyment-juice into the more rational part of my brain that appreciates Mercedes? Maybe I'm not really looking at how awkward it is from the side?

Also, it's a V12.

I like that it's not taking itself too seriously, but beyond that, I can't justify my tolerance of this thing. What do you guys think? Maybe all the pressures of my upcoming move have addled my mind a little bit. I should probably step away from the computer before I end up buying a one-off PT Cruiser roadster on eBay.

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