Camaro Driver Does Donuts On The Golden Gate Bridge

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The same weekend that hundreds of muscle cars shut down two highways at the same time in the East Bay, one brazen Camaro whipped donuts on the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a landmark moment in sideshow history.


The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the impromptu tire destruction happened just after noon this past Sunday.

Yes, this is the first time anyone's ever done shut down traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge and done donuts on it. Well, that's been recorded.

I mean, I guess always possible that in the beautiful bridge's 77-year history somebody else turned some tight ones without letting anyone know about it.

The car could have easily spun out into the crowd of onlooking tourists standing nearby, the paper pointed out. Amazingly, the bridge's video cameras failed to capture the stunt, and the CHP were unable to catch up with the driver. They stopped a black Corvette, not a Camaro.


KRON4's inimitable Stanley Roberts interviewed a local Citroën 2CV club about the incident and captured some of the common outrage that this East Bay shit was creeping into the genteel, touristy side of the Bay Area. One woman, in true California spirit, was unfazed.

"Gee, we should find out how to do that. That sounds like fun!"

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Donuts? Amateur...

I was in a Lotus Cortina late one night heading north across the GGB, when I decided that since the tollbooths were closed and no one seemed to be around I'd run flat out across the span just for thrills.

The booths seemed to get closer together at triple digits, and I forgot about the pads between them being a bit higher so I managed to get airborne as I passed thru.

Half way into Sausalito a cop pulled me over after I'd slowed...turns out they sit up high near the entrance to the bridge and watch for clowns like me.