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This isn't a new car-buying strategy on how to torture salespeople with toddlers, though that may be crazy enough to work. It's about how one dad is turning his tyke into a gearhead, without going broke, by visiting the showrooms. Even though they aren't making a purchase, the dealers are pretty cool about it.


The story comes to us from a the Huffington Post blog writer Marco Gonzalez. He was trying to find a way to encourage his son's love for cars and trucks without over indulging him with Hot Wheels and Matchbox. So he decided to reward his 4 year old with a trip to a car dealership so the little guy can see his favorite 4 x 4 vehicles up-close.

Take a few moments and read the whole thing; here is my favorite part-

I let him know of my plan, and whoa... if he could do backflips and cartwheels, he would have pulled a Mary Lou Retton all over our house. His excitement was unreal!

So, sure enough, we set the first goal. I told him, "If you have an entire week at school where you listen to your teachers, eat your whole lunch and clean up when you're supposed to, we will cruise to your truck dealership of choice this weekend." First words out of his mouth were: "Ford? Can I go see the F-150s and F-250s? I want one like my Uncle Robert." Yes. It was on!


Now that my son is about to be 2, I am proud to report that I can purchase Hot-Wheels, Matchbox, Tonka and all my favorites that started me on this path and not look like a weirdo. (It is perfectly fine for a childless grown men to buy Hot-Wheels. If you are a childless grown man buying Hot-Wheels, there is a place for you on the internet). So as a dad with a little guy of my own who says the word "Car" more than "Mommy," I look forward to trying this out. Like, Marco's son my boy Andrew prefers his construction vehicles and off-roaders to the sports-cars that I picked out. So maybe Andrew is just a Truck Yeah! name.

As someone who works with dealerships on a daily basis, this story reinforces my belief that there are many good salespeople out there who got into the business because they love cars and want to share that love with others.

This kid was in truck heaven. We walked around that dealership for a good 45 minutes, and he never once stopped smiling... and talking. The salesman put the cherry on top when on our way out, he handed him a brochure for the F-150. I could tell by his face, this was better than any book he already owned. Yes, I'm referring to the library of books currently in his room. Not only was this a memorable experience for him, but he got a memento to take home.

So good work Mr. Gonzalez, we are proud that junior will join our Jalopnik ranks someday....In fact he already has.

(Image Credit: Marco Gonzalez used with permission)

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