Is BMW Already Cooking Up A Competition Package For The M4?

If this photo taken by Twitter user @joseph_007_ is any indication, it looks like BMW is cooking up a Competition Package for the M3/M4. Did somebody say fender flares?

Since I don't have any idea as to what the spec is for this potential new upgrade will be, I'm going to instead make completely baseless claims. Alright, lets have some fun!


BMW will probably bump up the horsepower by wedging two parallel straight sixes under the hood, each with its own crank which will send power to each of the two back wheels. Expect power to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 850 hp because 425x2=850.

To offset the weight gain caused by the second engine BMW will be making the entire car out of carbon fiber. Yes, the whole thing. Reportedly, they're developing a way to replace some of your less essential organs with carbon fiber because they're serious about weight gain.

The only colors offered will be purple, and camouflage.

BMW is also rumored to make an extended wheelbase wagon for the M4 Competition Package that can hold 7 passengers in three rows, but will only have two extra long gull-wing doors.


Expect this wonderful car in showrooms in late 2017.

Top Photo Credit: @joseph_007_ via Twitter

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