Let The Noise Of The Jaguar XFR-S Unleash Your Inner Child

Getting older sucks. Sure, it has its advantages, like the ability to buy the occasional beer or cigarette, but mostly it's just work and responsibility and trying to keep everything together. At some point you have to accept you're not gonna be an astronaut. But some cars, like the Jaguar XFR-S, can help bring your inner child back into the fold.


How does it do that? With noise. Well, with 542 supercharged horses and rear-wheel drive. Yes. That too. But especially with noise. Jaguar's cars have been really good in that department lately and this is no exception.

In this new video from XCAR, our pal Alex Goy tests the automotive equivalent of a nice, tailored suit that hides a crazy Burning Man costume underneath. It's "unassuming" but also "Biblically fast."

We can't all be astronauts, but maybe cars like the XFR-S can get you close enough.

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