Thanks Youtube, Now I Want To Race A Nash Metropolitan

I don't remember ever seeing a Nash Metropolitan in person. It could have happened back in the UK, but I missed all of them. America has more, but have you ever seen one racing?

I guess it all makes sense in a way. The Metropolitan is front-engined, rear-wheel drive, very compact and featherweight at 1,785 pounds. It's got a 1,500 cc engine that can be bored out by 25%, double wishbones up front and a live axle at the back.

Leave the rest to CCK Historic, and the result is a stunning little race car from 1956 that can kick much larger buttocks at events such as Goodwood.

The sound of their new, "all-steel" 1860cc race engine. Lovely.

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My current project. This was it mid first wash after getting it out of storage.

Out of the paint booth.