Fulfill Your 80s Firebird Fantasizes With This KITT Replica

If you are too young to remember Knight Rider, I feel bad for you. Not that it was great show, because every episode was essentially the same. But it did have "super advanced" car and David Hasselhoff in leather. You can't have the real KITT, but you can own something pretty darn close.


According to the ad some dude lost this 1985 Pontiac Trans Am in a divorce and now his ex wants to be rid of it. She does not give a price nor much in the way of a description, but despite the grainy pictures the car seems to be an excellent reproduction of K.I.T.T. both inside and out. Anyone can add the light bar to the grill and the black wheels, it take s true fan to re-do the entire interior to match.

You could try to get Magnum's Ferrari, but that is going to cost you and forget about the maintenance on a 308. Given the age of this Pontiac, and the fact that this woman probably has some less than fond memories attached to it, my guess is you can probably pick it up for not much money.

But then again, 80s nostalgia is big now, so you may get into a bidding war. All you would need to complete the set is an A-team van and an Airwolf chopper.

One man's hassle is another person's opportunity to have the most famous Trans Am ever. Boy do I want that "turbo boost" button...


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