Ten Options That Every Car Must Have

No, you don't need leather covered air vents or an infotainment screen that can tweet for you. On the other hand, you do need these ten options.

10.) Cruise Control


Hard to believe that in 2014 Cruise Control isn't standard on all cars, but Deadspin's Timothy Burke found that out the hard way when he had the misfortune of renting a Dodge Dart without it. A must have for long highway journeys.

Suggested By: Timothy Burke, Photo Credit: Pete

9.) Auto Dimming Mirror

Great if you do a lot of night driving. An auto dimming rearview mirror will reduce all that obnoxious glare and allow you to concentrate on the road ahead.

Suggested By: ThrillerWA09, Photo Credit: Chevrolet

8.) Projector Headlamps


Halogen's simply don't cut it anymore. If you're buying a modern car, you need modern headlights.

Suggested By: PelcianHazard, Photo Credit: Land Rover

7.) Hatch


If you're considering a car that comes in sedan and hatch form, get the hatch. It will be much more practical, and much better looking than its dopey sedan counterpart.

Suggested By: KC-10 Paul, Photo Credit: Mazda

6.) Colored Interior


Why does every other car come with a dull black interior? Get some color! You can't go wrong with a nice tan or brown, or even red.

Suggested By: marshknute, Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

5.) Heated Seats


Once you've experienced toasty buns in the winter, you'll never go back. Also a great way to troll annoying passengers in the summer.

Suggested By: Milky, Photo Credit: Michael Gil

4.) iPod Integration


Radio sucks and nobody buys CDs anymore so some sort of iPod integration is an absolute must have.

Suggested By: jbh, Photo Credit: mroach

3.) Bluetooth


Keep your hands where they need to be instead of fumbling around with your phone while you drive. The first time I drove a car with it, I was an instant believer.

Suggested By: LordRae, Photo Credit: tshein

2.) Leather Seats


Ok, so I did already say that you don't need an excessive amount of leather, but leather is quite nice on the seats. Comfy, luxurious, and easy to clean.

Suggested By: alexb420, Photo Credit: Bryn Pinzgauer

1.) Manual Transmission


Modern automatic and dual-clutch transmissions are fantastic without a doubt, but I will always buy a proper manual if presented with the option.

Suggested By: mtdrift, Photo Credit: Jeremy Brooks

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Top Photo Credit: Jalopnik

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