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Want To Make A Film About Car Culture? We’re Here To Help

Illustration for article titled Want To Make A Film About Car Culture? We’re Here To Help

We couldn't do this film festival without a sponsor and this year our sponsor, Volvo, has agreed to help us produce a film about car culture… and by "us" we mean "you." We're going to provide everything you need to make your idea a reality, we just need your idea.


One of the things we wanted to accomplish with this year's festival was to encourage people to make great car films. One way we're doing it is by making it like a real film festival, but it was clear we could do more to leverage our fantastic community.

Thus, when we planned this, we told our business development people that we'd like to find a partner who would help us make a car film about people and not just vehicles. It's why we're excited to have Volvo on board.


Car culture means more than just metal, it means people, and we want to make a film about people. Specifically, a short film with the theme "WHY WE CARE" that we can use as weapon of persuasion aimed at those who don't get it but should.

What We Want

We want your idea for a film that fits the theme of "WHY WE CARE," that explains that car culture is as much about the people who love cars as the cars themselves.

This could be a documentary, a narrative, anything. Just keep it under ten minutes and make it good.

What You'll Get

Volvo and Studio@Gawker will provide everything you need to produce your short film, including a production team, a vehicle (one of the 60 Range vehicles), and the resources necessary. Most importantly, this will include a mentor/director who will help you make your dream film a reality.


The winner will also be flown to New York to attend the premiere of the short at the Jalopnik Film Festival in November. it's pretty sweet.

How We'll Decide

Submissions may take the form of a proof of concept film/video, a screenplay of no more than ten (10) pages, a written treatment, a storyboard, photograph/s, or other materials, and MUST include a written summary of the submission concept.


We'll be judging based on criteria that include: Strength of the idea, skill, creativity, feasibility.

A panel of judges that includes a representative of Volvo, a representative of Studio@Gawker, the mentor filmmaker, and Mike Spinelli will judge the final responses and pick the best one. That person, once contacted, will then be invited to participate in the creation of the film.


Both Jalopnik and Volvo will then pass off the production of the film to Studio@Gawker and a mentor filmmaker (to be announced soon). This will be done to maintain the objectivity of the process.

How To Submit/Nitty Gritty Details

As always, Gawker's contest rules apply as well as the additional rules and conditions outlined right here, which is where you'll also submit your ideas. Once again: SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS HERE.


(If you have trouble with the online form here is a PDF with all the information).

Get To It!

You have until 8/25 to get your idea in so get started. We also invite anyone to include a version of their idea in the comments below (just understand that you still have to complete a written form).


Start dreaming!

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Matt Hardigree

Mike and I are here if you have any questions.