As I've moaned to you before, I'm in the middle of a big move. One of the few tasty golden corn kernels in the otherwise unappealing turd that is the process of moving is that sometimes you find things you forgot you had. Like this fantastic Tintin-themed 2CV brochure.

This is a type of car advertising we just don't really see anymore; the placing of the car in absurd cartoon situations, and the car using its many features to make sure everything turns out great. Citroën did a whole series of these ads with noted Belgian boy-detective/reporter/cowlick enthusiast Tintin, and they're all pretty great.

I really like the basic absurdity of this one. Tintin et al are on some sort of Abominable Snowman tracking mission (I think they prefer the term Yeti) and their vehicle of choice for this Arctic frozen hellscape is a 29HP, fabric-topped 2CV. I love that choice.


The 2CV, of course, performs wonderfully in their strangely simple plan to free the Yeti from fur trappers. Wait a minute. There's an Abominable Snowmen and people want it for its fur? And that fur isn't even white? It lives in the fucking Arctic, it should have white fur! It just looks like some angry, cold gorilla!

I also like how the plan is basically just sneak up to the cage, turn on the (round-styled — not just round) headlights, and somehow that will freak everyone out and everything gets solved. Who cares, it's great, and it shows off all of the 2CV's fancy features, like headlights and mobility.

Anyway, here's some full images from the French version so you can all appreciate how awesome this thing is.