The Makers Of The Yugo Made A Self-Driving Car Attracted To Cellists

What's going on here, exactly? We have a Zaztava 101 — a Fiat derivative from the good folks that gave us the Yugo — driving itself happily on a beach, meandering around until it finds one of those beach cellists. Got it.

The car sort of feels like a playing dog coming back to its owner — maybe that's the point of the ad? Zastava 101s are playful and loyal?


I prefer to think this is a demonstration of Zastava's advanced 1970s autonomous car tech that utilized sound waves and echolocation to guide the self-driving car. The way it would work would be you would call one of Zastava's nationwide network of cellists to play at your location, and the car would home in on the sound of the cello until you arrived at your goal.

Seems like a solid system, and it keeps plenty of cellists working! Amazing stuff.

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