Porsche 911 GT3s Are Invading WRC Rallies

I've seen lots of modern rally Porsches, but never in a top-level WRC event. That all changed at Rally Finland over the weekend.


You're looking at Jani Ylipahkala and Pasi Lahtinen in their 997 GT3 Porsche, jacked up like a lifted Silverado and screaming over the Finnish yumps.

The big-name classic rally Porsche builders of the UK at Tuthill will soon be campaigning a 997 GT3 of their own starting in the upcoming Rally Germany. Now that the FIA approved these kinds of cars (for the RGT class as PistonHeads reports), we should see more GT3s trickling onto the stages.


There's been a 996 that's hit WRC competition before, most notably at the Monte at the start of the 2014 season, but newer 997s will make everything seem a bit more legit.

Now we just need FIA approval for 991 cup cars. Make it happen, Porsche!

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Hold on hold on hold on. Why don't they do this in 911 GT2s instead? Don't they have 4 wheel drive and turbo engines? Seems like a much more sensible rally car.