This Is Why I Need A Ferrari 308 GTB

I'm one of those people whose automotive obsessions change on a weekly basis. Hourly sometimes, even. What can I say? There are a lot of great cars out there. And lately I have found myself lusting after a Ferrari 308 GTB or GTS. This video reinforces that.


If you're going to buy a used Ferrari, and you dig awesome 1970s and 80s things like angular styling and glorious pop-up headlamps, this car seems like a no-brainer. You also get a mid-mounted V8 and a gated manual shifter. Does it get any better than that?

The 308 had a 10-year run, which of course included a starring role on Magnum P.I. For years that was maybe what the car was most famous for, but I think enough time has passed since the show ended that the car can now stand on its own merits.

This video is a bit old, and it's nothing more than a test drive. But it's a slow day, so I figure there are worse things we could all be doing than hanging out with a classic Ferrari.

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