Could This Rare 1982 Puma GTI Pull $2,200?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

When someone says Brazilian, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Butt floss bikinis? Rio Carnival? The impending Summer Olympics from hell? Well, after today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Brazilian Puma, maybe what you'll be thinking is where's my wallet.

The finer things in life cost money, of that fact there is no doubt. Yesterday's 1979 Toyota BJ 40 was damn fine - like 2400-grit sandpaper - and it came with a price tag to support that argument. Unfortunately for the seller, few supported the idea of paying its ambitious price, and it went down in an 85% Crack Pipe loss.


Today, we're going the full Brazilian.

In the 1960s Brazil instituted restrictions on auto imports with the goal of encouraging domestic production. One of the companies that sprang up locally built a sport racer named the Malzoni GT (after the company's founder, Genaro Malzoni) and based on mechanicals sourced from DKW.

In short order the Malzoli found DKW's phone had been disconnected, and their love letters to the German firm marked return to sender. in short order a new sugar daddy would show up in the form of Volkswagen, and Malzoni was able to continue building his sports cars, only now with VW power in the back instead of DKW up front.


If you've ever seen a Brazilian bikini you'll know that the country is all about the back and in the case of this rare 1982 Puma GTI - which was brought here in '88 - that means a 1600-cc flat four hanging out under the sloping tail. Despite the 'I' in the car's name as presented in the ad, all sixteen hundred of those cubic centimeters are fed by what looks to be a single 1-bbl carb.


This being an '80s example of the breed it features 911-esque rubber ribbed bumpers and wrap-around tail lights from a VW Brasilia. Earlier cars had chrome nerfs and smaller lamps. The azure paint on this one is rough in spots but at least you won't have to worry about surface rust on the body because its entire surface of the body is made of fiberglass.

Underneath that is all old school VW so any rotting down there - or mechanical bits that might be needed - shouldn't be too tough a fix. The crack in the windshield however, might be a challenge.


On the inside the traditional rubber or carpeted mats have been supplanted with diamond plate, That's okay, I guess. Having it on the dash too is a bit much however. The seat covers in the car look as inviting as a frat house mattress, and you probably don't even want to know what the seats below look like.


The title is clean and the car is said to sport Virginia antique plates so you could totally take it on an antiques road show. That is of course, if you think this Puma's $2,200 price tag isn't too dear considering the car's presentation.


What's your take on this sexy Brazilian and its $2,200 price? Is that an amount that would have you boning up on your Portuguese? Or, is that just too much to let this cat out of the bag?

You decide!


Richmond VA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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