Unnamed sources have stated that Ford is planning to produce a dedicated hybrid specifically to compete with the Toyota Prius sometime around 2018. This would be Ford's first dedicated hybrid car, and not a hybrid that's derived from one of their gasoline models, like the hybrid Fusion, or that Pinto your uncle modified.


The new car will be built on Ford's C2 global compact architecture, and will have internal code C240, in case anyone's looking for paperwork in dumpsters. The car will be built at Ford's Wayne assembly plant just outside of Detroit, and will be offered in a range of body styles (and at least one plug-in version), much like how the Prius offers a 5-door sedan, a compact, and sort of a minivan.

We predict Ford will offer a sedan, a wagon/van, and eleven options of convertibles and amphibious vehicles, but don't hold us to that.

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Much of the hybrid technology, such as motors, controllers, charging systems, and batteries will be derived from current hybrids, just applied to a unique platform that should provide better fuel efficiency than models derived from existing cars. It's worth noting that both Ford and Toyota used to develop hybrid technology together...

No name has been selected yet, so now's the time to start guessing. Electrescort? ePinto? Fairlightning?

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