The Ten Best Supercars You Can Buy On eBay For Under $50,000

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Yesterday. I asked the financially responsibly lot of you about what supercars you would buy on eBay with a maximum budget of $50,000, and you certainly delivered. Here are the cars that are the automotive equivalent of a fine steakhouse, for the price of a value meal:

(Photo by Alexandre Prévot on Flickr)

10. Bentley Continental GT

Here's a twin-turbocharged W12, 200mph cream puff. It's got the right color interior, refined looks, and handcrafted attention to detail that screams "high class" without being "high price".

(Suggested by Tiny Toy Viper on Flickr)

9. Pretty much every Aston Martin made in the last 10 years.


I have a soft spot (...or is it a hard spot?) for Aston Martins. I think that they're the closest thing to rolling pieces of art that you can buy today, bar none. Whether it's a DB7, DB9 or V8 Vantage, it's likely that every Aston made within the last decade is within striking distance of anyone not currently involved in a protest for increasing the minimum wage. They're a tremendous value for the money.

(Suggested by JSFauxtaug, sumfoo1, PriceDonaldson, lkraft97)

8. Ferrari 456 GT

Although I don't think I agree with this one, I can see why it's on the list. It's a Ferrari that doesn't require reconditioning, with a V12 at the front and a 4-seater configuration. It's the Ferrari you can drive every day, and that alone makes the car stand out.

(Suggested by weetstraw, jewtoys)

7. Noble M400


It has what's essentially a Ford Taurus engine, in a car built in a garage somewhere in England by a handful of hoodlums. But it works better than nearly anything else on the road because of the extreme attention to detail and the huge turbochargers strapped onto that 3.0 liter Ford Duratec V6. This one isn't a Rossion, but a real, genuine Noble. I'd buy it.

6. Maserati GranTurismo


This is one of the sexiest shapes ever. It's not the most taught thoroughbred racer, but it looks the part and it's comfortable enough that you can use it everywhere. This one squeaks just under budget, but it's still certainly worth a look.

(Suggested by nothingreal)

5. DeTomaso Pantera


An Italian body with a firebreathing Ford engine is like a supermodel that also happens to be a grilling champion. It's a win-win-win, and this Pantera does all the right things and comes under budget. What's not to like?

(Suggested by Jonee, patgilmartin, Conan)

4. Ferrari 328 GTSI Quattrovalvole


Buy this and pretend it's the 80s, since I'm pretty sure cocaine prices have depreciated accordingly. Coincidence? I think not.

Entry-level super car, but you can't NOT fall in love with this shapes. $48000 and a decent low mileage example.


(Suggested by Wojtek)

3. Dodge Viper GTS


Nothing says "supercar" like a Viper that says "VIPER" on the windshield. Miles per gallon? Sounds like liberal propaganda to me.

(Suggested by mtdrift)

2. Lotus Esprit V8


As I come to terms with the fact that I have increasingly expensive tastes, we see this shining example of what Britain can come up with when it has an amazing chassis, 8 cylinder, and 2 turbos. It's not the most reliable car in the world, but as it sits, it just makes sense.

(Suggested by Scuba Steve)

1. Acura NSX


The king has arrived. Although you can buy a high-mileage NSX for less than half of this budget, the true holy grail, unicorn cars, like this one with less than 40k miles, are worth the extra cost. It's the epitome of a supercar you can drive everyday, even if the power isn't exactly what I'd call abundant. A must drive at the very least.

(Suggested by TokyoBayAquaLine, Desu-San-Desu, designlife)

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