Jeep Stuck In Snowbank Makes Man Go Incredible Hulk Apeshit Mad

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This poor motorist must have been having the worst day of his life, because it looks like failing to get his new Jeep Grand Cherokee out of a snowy parking space pushed him right over the edge and into a blind rage.


Who knows what this unfortunate individual is going through, maybe his wife's about to give birth and he's gotta get across town pronto. Maybe he's just a maniac, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Either way, his frustration isn't doing him any favors. Just sitting high-centered in the snow with the throttle pegged doesn't bring him any closer to freedom until the very end, where a couple tires finally find traction after pushing helplessly against ruts for minutes.

The giggling little kids behind the camera man are the best, I only wish the Jeep guy could have heard their take on the situation;

"How come he was yelling at his own wheels, they can't even hear him!"

Truth. Next time you get hung up on your way to something important, don't forget to breathe.


Hat tip to Juan!

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