Dealer Says It 'Dealt With' Employees Who Thrashed Customer's Mustang

Recently we published this video and a testimony from the owner who claims that the dealership caused damage to his Ford Mustang. The dealership has responded on their Facebook page.


Reader mellltronstorm found this-

Sawgrass Ford takes its customer service reputation very seriously. Although the customer's vehicle was fixed by driving at a high RPM, our dealership does not condone the language or the specific method used to solve the issue. I shook the customers hand and thanked him for bringing this to my attention. The technicians involved were dealt with, and the customer asked for some unrelated goodwill. We gave him four wheels and tires, free flushes and services, he took down the video, and we considered the matter closed. Neither the customer nor Ford was ever charged a dime. Commenters with technical knowledge have noted that the rev limiter on the car never went off, so the claim that we " blew up" his car was merely sensationalism, aimed at getting the video to go viral. This is a complex matter now because the surreptitious recording of individuals in the state of Florida is a crime. Sawgrass Ford has to be sensitive to the legal right of our employees as well. While we have always done everything we can to maintain happy customers, We cannot in good conscious continue letting this customer go on using the internet to extort Sawgrass Ford. As always, there is more to the situation than this video shows. We hope viewers can see what is actually motivating this customer. Our intent is to put this behind us and move forward with the same customer satisfaction that has earned us multiple presidents' awards.

-David Menten | President

Every story has two sides, and many of you mentioned that it is not uncommon to bring to wind the motor up to high RPMs in order to fix carbon buildup issues. As to the damage to wheels and transmission that the owner mentioned, it is difficult to ascertain just from the video how that would have occurred.

We will keep you posted as this story develops.

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