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A Semi-Truck Spilled Shit All Over A Michigan Highway

Illustration for article titled A Semi-Truck Spilled Shit All Over A Michigan Highway

Drivers around Michigan's capital city were temporarily held up recently when a trailer hauling more than 24 tons of human poop somehow spilled half of it across 2,000 feet of pavement. Ew.


The truck was carrying 50,000 pounds of waste on two trailers — some manure, some actual people poop — when a tire blew out on a Lansing highway, causing one of the trailers to overturn and spill 25,000 pounds of it.

According to WWJ, some drivers were injured trying to avoid the crash, but didn't know what they were getting into:

"We had one woman I just spoke to, and she was driving on that curve — she didn't see it because police didn't have it blocked off yet — so she slid into that, and then a motorcycle crashed into the back of her," Amiker said. "And then another truck didn't hit those two, but was also involved in some capacity in the accident."


It took hours for cleanup crews to dispose of all the waste and get the freeway back open. At this point you're wondering why a truck was hauling tons of shit to begin with: It's because the truck had just left a water filtration plant and was on its way to a landfill.

Screenshot via WLNS

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