Something we do a lot of in our spare time is configure cars. Cars we can't afford. Porsche's car configurator is one of the most immersive and fun to play with. So today we're focusing on the 911.

This all arose from a little Twitter challenge from Bloomberg's Matt Miller. At first he was asking if I'd buy a Cayman or a 911. I'd get a 911, mainly because a Cayman is a Porsche, a 911 is the Porsche. It's the icon, it's the car that Porsche has honed and refined for the last 50 years. It's what you think of when you hear the word Porsche.


The rules for this are simple: Build the 991-generation 911 you'd want to own. Yes, in an ideal world we'd all have GT3s with a manual, but that's not a thing that exists. And don't go crazy on spec-ing out the car and say you want a $200,000 Targa that's yellow with red seats. I don't believe you unless you're Ronald McDonald. Try and be realistic, please.

My configuration is linked here. It's a 911 GT3, white with black interior, the big fuel tank, model delete, LED headlights, red seatbelts, carbon brakes, and the front axle lift. That's all I need. Price comes to $147,555.

Leave your configurations in the comments.

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