Forget about getting airborne! Hopefully, you won't be doing that with your Huracán. You will want to turn however, and there seems to be a problem with that at speed in Lamborghini's latest supercar.


I haven't driven a Gallardo yet, nor any Lambo powered by the Bizzarrini V12. I did however have a brief moment in an Aventador, and I understand now why so many Lamborghinis get crashed roughly five minutes after leaving the dealerships. It seems like Lamborghini, or more like parent company Audi is also aware of the phenomenon, and wanted to fix this problem with the Huracán once and for all.


When Travis drove the car in May, it understeered a lot an and ended up overheating after some track action. I thought that was fine since we're talking about a street car here.

But now Autocar took the Huracán for a spin on UK roads, and it still understeers. A lot. Plus, no matter how many buttons you push, the ESP stays on in the background. That sucks.

What's great though is that we pretty much know a rear-wheel drive, more tail happy version is coming soon. First of all because Ulrich Hackenberg said so, secondly because they have already done it.

Gallardo owners must be smiling now. Who wouldn't?

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