The New Hot Detroit Trend: Walking Around The Streets With Rifles

And here I was thinking that the only thing Motor City kids were up to these days was blexting. Here's a video of a couple guys walking around Detroit's North End neighborhood with some scary-looking rifles. Who knows why?

The video was published August 10 — presumably in the morning or afternoon. My first instinct was to think that this might be a response to the events in Ferguson, MO, but that chain of events began Sunday night, too late for whenever these guys were walking around.

There's little context, but while the leader of the group never says the word "police," I think that's who he's talking about. "They brutalize people over crazy, petty stuff. They need to remember their place. They're public servants paid by our tax dollars." Pretty sure he's not referring to the "thugs" and "welfare queens" often talked about in The Detroit News' comment section.


Considering the region is just moving past a high-profile murder trial that involved a shotgun, a bit of racial tension and the issue of self-defense vs. murder, I'm not sure if this is the best idea in Metro Detroit right now. But according to the video's description, they were stopped by police but officers "couldn't touch" because each person's rifle is registered. Well then. No pun intended, but carry on, I guess.

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