Truck Racers Are Tearing Up A Town Filming An Insane Stunt Movie

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Remember that part of Bad Boys II where Will Smith and Martin Lawrence destroy a town, jumping through it in a Hummer H2? Well it looks like off-road racer BJ Baldwin is pretty much recreating that calamitous awesomeness in Ensenada. In his trophy truck.

Baldwin and Monster Energy put out a sweet clip full of dust-throwing and truck-hucking called "Recoil" last year. Rumor has it, he's ripping over steps and burning holes in the asphalt in Mexico for "Recoil 2."

Since the cops appear to be protecting him rather than kicking his ass, I'd say they got the paperwork in order to do this (or made they bought a new pool table for the local police station, I hear that gets things done down there).

I bet this will tell you a lot more about the event if you hablas espaƱiol:

Looks like there are some cars getting in the mix too, Baldwin may be joined by other drivers:

These cell-phone clips are just whetting my appetite for destruction, but I have a very good feeling about what's going to come out of this. In case you need to need to be reminded of how badass Recoil 1 was, take another look:

Hat tip to Race-Dezert

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This is the closest thing I've seen to a real life GTA reenactment. I love the powerslide over the curb and median without even a flinch.