How You'd Option Your Morgan 3-Wheeler

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After Travis asked how you'd option your Porche 911, that got us to thinking about the best online car configurators. And one stands head and toes above the rest: The Morgan 3-Wheeler.


Morgan's site doesn't just give you a dozen colors to choose from, it gives you the entire spectrum. There are 30 leather choices – 60 if you double it to include the quilted option – a bright pack, a colored cowl, exhaust and heat shield options, and graphics. Oh, the graphics. Pin up girls? Done. Bullet holes? Sure. Racing stripes and number circles and shark heads (with gills!) are all for the taking.

This is mine. Now it's your turn. Show us what your unhinged mind can come up with.

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Patrick George

I kept mine pretty simple and classy, dark blue paint with tan leather. But I couldn't pass on the shark face. Shark face FTW.