I'm Taking The 2014 Ram Power Wagon On An Adventure, Ask Me Anything

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The 2014 Ram Power Wagon is purported to be the most off-road capable work truck you can buy off a showroom floor. It lacks the dune-jumping legs of a Ford Raptor, but with 14.5" of ground clearance and electronically disconnecting sway bars it should be able to crawl over all the twigs you can find.


It's also easy to keep track of in parking lots.

We won't be taking it into the jungle, we're going far more extreme. Tomorrow, myself and a co-driver will run this monstrosity of a pickup truck into the depths of New Jersey with a U-Haul auto transporter dangling off the back, where we're going to charge through a junk yard and winch out the husk of an International Scout I paid for last week.


So we've got some towing, hauling, crushing rusty piles of who-knows-what, and a whole lot of gasoline burning on the Power Wagon agenda this week. I can already tell you it's incredibly comfortable, reasonably quiet, and difficult to climb into even at my 6' stature.


What do you want to know about the truck?

Images: Andrew P. Collins

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