This Shop Restores Vintage Stock Cars

I didn't grow up a fan of stock car racing but seeing these old American racecars brought back to working condition fills me with desire.

This is 2009 Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg's show 'Garage Tours,' taking a look at Rhine Enterprises's restoration shop in North Carolina, supposedly the best of its kind.

It certainly looks like they're working at the top level, restoring one of Dale Earnhardt's '81 Pontiacs, among other historic vehicles.


Seeing the restorations is one thing, contemplating knocking on the door of 200 miles an hour in one of these steel boxes is another.

How much for a '70s road course-ready Nova? And how much to swap a Ventura body on there? I'm just curious. Asking for a friend. Not for me. I swear.

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Pep Fontana

"Earnhardt's Race winning 81 Pontiac"

1981 was one of two years Earnhardt went winless.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.