The Ten Cars With The Most Undeserved Stigma

Certain cars carry stigmas that are sometimes fair, but often times undeserved. If you've thought ill about these ten cars then hold on, because Jalopnik is about to drop some knowledge on you.

10.) The Suzuki Samurai


The Suzuki Samurai is most known in America for the infamous Consumer Reports debacle but it was actually a very competent little off roader. No, you won't roll one if you drive it like a sane person as is the case with every car on the road.

Suggested By: KillerBee, Photo Credit: Suzuki

9.) Modern American Cars

Modern american cars carry the unfortunate stigma of American cars of the '70s and '80s, and even most of the '90s and 2000s, to be honest. Today's reality is that they're typically as good as anything else on the market. The days of the K-Car are well behind us.

Suggested By: CobraJoe, Photo Credit: Patrick George/Jalopnik

8.) Station Wagons


Probably because they were the standard issue family hauler for many years, wagons still have an undeserved reputation for being boring and uncool. Real car enthusiasts know that they're the only way to get the practicality of an SUV with the driving dynamics of a car. They make for great sleepers too.

Suggested By: essfour, Photo Credit: Cadillac

7.) The GM F-Body (4th Generation)


People think you bought a fourth generation Camaro/Firebird because you have a mullet/live in a trailer park/married your cousin. The real reason is because you wanted some of the cheapest horsepower available anywhere.

Suggested By: Labcoatguy, Photo Credit: Clint Jolly

6.) Korean Cars


Sure, Kia and Hyundai made pretty pitiful excuses for cars for a long time but that is no longer the case. They're very competitive within their segments, and offer one of the best warranties in the game.

Suggested By: AdmiralAkbar, Photo Credit: Kia

5.) The Corvette


"Corvette's are only bought by plumbers having a midlife crisis!" While there is an element of truth to that statement, it belittles the fact that the Corvette has long been a performance bargain with an incredible racing history.

Suggested By: willkinton247, Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove/Jalopnik

4.) Sprint Cup Cars


I'll let Patrick Frawley explain why NASCAR Sprint Cup cars have earned their place on this list.

"Image: Silly advertising showcases based on Neolithic technology that don't turn right driven by empty-headed corporate spokesmen for the benefit of knuckle-dragging neo-Confederate trailer park dwellers.

Reality: Obsessively prepared and refined hardcore racing machines that run at ridiculous speeds all day long driven by an extraordinarily skilled and talented set of professionals. Even on road courses."


Suggested By: Patrick Frawley, Photo Credit: Getty Images

3.) All Subarus


Not every Subaru driver is a lesbian, so everyone stop saying they're lesbian's cars! Subaru offers some of the best performance values on the market.

Suggested By: willkinton247, Photo Credit: Matt Hardigree/Jalopnik

2.) The Miata


"It's a chick's car!" says everyone who has never driven one.

Suggested By: SennaMP4, Photo Credit: Grant.C

1.) Minivans


Well, you've thrown in the towel, sold your bachelor's sports mobile and bought a minivan so you can take your kid to soccer practice, right? Probably.

Stereotypes aside, minivans offer more practicality than the average SUV while getting better fuel economy. The only real-world sacrifice you make with a minivan is that you can't take it offroad, but nobody goes four wheeling in new SUVs anyway. It's a shame that minivans, America's most sensible vehicles, have to be saddled with the unfortunate image of suburbia.


Suggested By: AMG OMG, Photo Credit: Chrysler

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