Watch A 6x6 G-Wagen Bully Its Way Around A Racetrack Full Of Supercars

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A Mercedes G 63 AMG 6x6 crashed "SupercarSunday" at the Zandvoort race circuit this weekend. It didn't tip over, but I bet the cockpit felt like a Navy foul-sea simulator going around those corners. It looks sketchy running full-tilt in the straights!


The G 63 does look lovely (and appropriately elephant-like) in that muddy grey color though. I didn't much care for the AMG G-Wagen when I drove it myself, but this six-wheeled luxury monster truck is so delightfully absurd I can't help but get excited about it. That is to say, I like the idea of it. It's probably even worse to drive than the four-wheeled version.

Hat tip to Marco!

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