I Have A Ford Fiesta ST For The Next Week

Because everyone in Oppo apparently owns one of these now, I decided we should get our hands on one too.

The last time I drove a Fiesta ST, it was for a brief stint on an autocross course at a Ford event. I'm looking forward to spending more time with this baby hot hatch.


If you don't know, now you know: 1.6-liter turbo four, 197 horsepower, 214 pound-feet of torque, six-speed manual gearbox, Recaro seats, an enhanced suspension, and a few other goodies.

Things I like: It's full of pep, it has a nice rumble engine and exhaust sound, the gearbox is extremely pleasant and easy to use, its compact size is great for the city, the handling seems pretty superb, it's just plain fun to drive at any speed, and it's got a nice dose of practicality and real-world usefulness as well.

Things I don't like as much: It's still a Fiesta so the interior isn't spectacular for its price, the driving position is awkward to me because the gearshift feels lower than it should, and we'll see how comfortable these Recaros are during long distances.

It's a swell little car so far. I like it quite a bit. Sticker is just under $26,000. A full review is coming next week. In the meantime, feel free to ask me questions about this car and I'll get to them as I can.

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