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You're Going To Want To Watch This Mustang Drift Video

More than that, you're going to want to hear it.

This is Vaughn Gittin Jr. at Norway's incredible throw it sideways at a hundred plus, cut the race track straight through the mountain Rudskogen circuit. Vaughn brought his Formula Drift Mustang out for Gatebil earlier this year and, well, his runs didn't disappoint.


The great Andy Laputka shot this one, but you should've known that once you heard how much world-engulfing V8 was allowed to roar through the video.

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how modified is his car from a stock mustang gt. Obviously, it's much lighter and all the interior is gone, but what about the suspension? Does it still have a live axle at the back? Would most of the supension mods be bolt ons-control arms, adjustable panhard bar, different shocks and springs? I'm wondering what I'd have to modify on my mustang to get it to do this.