Free Flight Ticket Giveaway Becomes Mob Scene

Jet2 Airlines was doing something many airlines have done — they took to city streets to give away a few free tickets. But when they did this in Derby, United Kingdom on Wednesday, things got way out of hand.


This happy gentleman won a free ticket

It turns out that the offer of 300 free plane tickets is a huge draw, and people showed up en masse to claim them. Airline representatives dressed in red, spandex "morph suits" were chased and in some cases tackled by the unruly mob, desperate for a complimentary air fare.


Witness accounts of the event, posted to Jet2's Facebook page

Jet2 apologized on their Facebook page, acknowledging that the giveaway generated "a little more excitement than anticipated. We know some people were disappointed, but watch this space," they said. From that, it seems like they may try to do something to make up for their fans' disappointment.


h/t Huffington Post U.K.

photos via Jet2's Facebook

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