Terrifying Footage Of Deadly Taiwan Explosion Captured On Dash Cam

A deadly gas explosion in Kaohsiung, Taiwan killed at least 28 people yesterday morning, combusting with enough power to destroy whole city blocks and lift cars onto the roofs of buildings. And now footage has emerged from local cameras, completely with terrifying pillars of fire.


The mix of dash cam and drone footage clearly shows the devastation and waste, and the panicked response of drivers, as they saw what can only be described as a towering inferno emerge from the street below them. It's still unclear what exactly caused the explosion, though a gas leak is the leading theory.

No matter what the cause, this sort of thing is exactly the kind of event you hope no city has to go through.

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I was expecting this to come up at Jalopnik. I live in Kaohsiung. The explosions are at about 10 minute drive from where I live, but I didn't feel a thing at the time. The explosions are suspected to be caused by underground pipes according to the initial investigation. Since Kaohsiung has always been the number 1 city of heavy industries in Taiwan, the pipe system underground is the most complicated, and just because of that, it'a actually a series of explosions, covering a few blocks with explosions starting from man holes ripping the streets apart.

The following link explains the situation in summary. Red marks indicate explosions, blue ones indicate evacuation points, and yellow ones indicate shelters and free hotels for refugees: