Every Car Named After An Animal

Sadly, there are no cars named after dugongs or nudibranches, but there are many other animal-titled cars to choose from. Can you name them all?

I've hopped around on the Internet and found a few lists with maybe twenty or thirty entries of animal car names. I can name more than that off the top of my head.


But rather than just listen to me try to remember every relative of the Studebaker Hawk (Golden Hawk, Sky Hawk, Power Hawk, Flight Hawk, and Gran Tursimo Hawk if I'm not mistaken), I figured I'd let you try and name every car named after an animal. These may be real animals or imaginary.

Tomorrow we can pick out the very best, from the most absurd to the most obscure to the most extraordinary.

Nicknames possibly may be included, but probably not (the Opel Laubfrosch, for instance, is up for debate).

Photo Credit: Studebaker via Alden Jewell

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