Local Motors Is Making A Sports Car And You Could Design It

Local Motors is most famous for their insane, terrain-devouring, open source Rally Fighter, but lately they're branching out into other projects. Their latest venture is way up the Jalop alley because it will be a platform for a stripped-down track car. And you might even get to design how the car will look.


The company this week announced some details of their upcoming sports car platform and the design challenge attached to it. Between now and the end of August, they'll be accepting submissions for the design of the car, and the winner will get $7,500. Not bad.

Here's how Local Motors describes the car they want to build:

At the base level, this platform would be a stripped down, super high performance (street legal) track car, in the same vein as the Ariel Atom, the KTM X-Bow, the Caterham 7 and it's many knockoffs, etc. We could then,on the same platform, add a full body, radio, air conditioning, cruise control, powered seats, etc.

With a body on it, it becomes something entirely different, a full featured sports coupe, something like a Z car or an S2000, or even a 240SX, and would take on a different name.

They also say the goal is a two-seat, rear-wheel drive car, powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with horsepower in the "mid-200s" and with a weight of around 1,600 pounds. They want it to have a true manual transmission, an independent front and rear suspension and a build cost of $30,000 or less for the track version.

I like where this is headed. A lot.

To enter check out the details on Local Motors' challenge page. They want contestants to submit 2D or 3D concept art with front, side and three-quarter views of the car. Designs for the interior and a full race livery are encouraged, but not required.


Local Motors says they'll announce the winner on Sept. 18. I can't wait to see what they come up with.

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