I know, as a car enthusiast, I can't expect mainstream media to focus on cars in the same way or with the same intensity as I would. I know this. But still, I think we can expect at least a minimum of accuracy. The Daily Mail doesn't seem to agree, since they call a hardtop Hindustan Ambassador a "sports car" and a "convertible."


They also call it a "vintage" car, which could be accurate, but since the Ambassador has been in production with exactly the same body style since Pythagoras was in diapers, I'm not even sure that claim is accurate. Still, based on the indicators, the Amby in the pictures doesn't look like too recent a model.

The article was about how British model and television personality Kelly Brook spent her Saturday, which seemed to include a ride in a be-garlanded Ambassador. There's worse ways to spend a weekend.

I've driven an Ambassador before, and calling one a "sports car" is sort of like calling Donald Trump "humble." I have a lot of affection for the Ambassador, but it was one of the slowest, worst-handling cars I've ever driven.


Now, I can forgive the Mail reporter for not realizing that the dumpy little Amby wasn't a "sports car." I'm sure some people see anything vintage looking and assume it's a Jag or whatever. Fine.


But a "convertible?" Did they send a blind reporter? I understand not caring or knowing about cars, but I think pretty much everybody realizes that "convertible" means the roof can fold away. And this car clearly has a roof, fixed in place. You don't need anything other than a pair of eyes and some rudimentary idea of what the word "convertible" means. One of which this reporter clearly lacked.

Anyway, Mail, keep up the good work. Bang-up job.

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