​Even Harley-Davidson Is Having Ignition Problems

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GM and Chrysler aren't the only one with ignition issues. Harley-Davidson is recalling over 3,300 bikes that could switch from "on" to "accessory" because of excessive vibration.


According to the recall notice, the issue affects 2014.5 FXDL Dyna Low Rider bikes made between January 6 and June 19, 2014. Apparently a factory modification that allows the engine to rev past 5,600 rpm sends enough vibration through the engine mount to shake the ignition switch and move the key position.

Harley noticed the defect after four warranty complaints were filed by customers and an investigation by its service department. The fix involves a bracket assembly and ignition switch knob, both of which H-D will replace for free.

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Harley's are the last bastion of mechanicalismatic visceral transportation that exists. Everything else has become a nanny minded appliance. Don't get me wrong, I love my porsche(and so does everyone else) but everytime I get on my harley I realize that it is the ultimate experience for a motorhead. It farkin rocks. Can I get an amen. There are reciprocating masses felt and push rod sounds of rods pushing. You can feel the gyroscopic force of the massive flywheel(which is shared with the Caterpillar 972 front loader). Many are called but few are chosen. No one knows why. It just is. As my friend Poet once said; "Life is best experienced in the company of a woman, and on a harley".

If you've been chosen, count your blessing. For the rest, there shall be a gnashing of teeth and a tsk tsk tsking of damnation to the self righteous insulated room of suburban estrogenic dreams.

Ignition switches you say? We don't need no steenkin ignition switches.