The Hennessey Venom F5: A 290 MPH, 1,400+ Horsepower Hyperslayer

While the Hennessey Venom GT hit 270.49 mph, John Hennessey thinks "something in the 290mph range will be possible" so he's building an even more powerful car called the Venom F5 after the strongest tornados on the Fujita scale. Red meat. We crave sustenance.

Hennessey revealed today that the F5 will have more tech and aero than the Venom while still keeping its weight under 2,866 pounds. More speed demands more power as well, so the 7.0 liter twin-turbo V8 will have to produce somewhere around 1,400 horsepower in order to break the time and space continuum. If you think that's insane, don't read this.


John Hennessey knows how to build fast cars, so while these figures may sound a bit optimistic, if somebody, it's the Texan tuner who can deliver them. Apart from the added power, the F5 will also drop the Venom's coefficient of 0.44 below 0.40 while retaining enough downforce to stay on the ground.

When going on sale next year, the F5 will also pack an optional single-clutch paddle shift gearbox and a GPS-based traction control system that will know the track before you could even get there.


Sounds like a plan. Of course validating such top speed might be the biggest challenge of them all, but Hennessey says the Bonneville Salt Flats are on his mind. Let's hope that traction control of his also has a setting for slippery salt with 1,400+ horses spinning the rear wheels...

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