Tesla Rolls Out 'Destination Charging' At Resorts And Restaurants

Illustration for article titled Tesla Rolls Out 'Destination Charging' At Resorts And Restaurants

The best way to get people to plunk down the cash on an electric car is to alleviate range anxiety and make it convenient. That's the main driver behind Tesla's rapid expansion of its Supercharger network, along with this, a new partnership to put Tesla's basic chargers where its customers spend time.


It's called "destination charging" and the idea is simple: put Tesla chargers at hotels, resorts, and restaurants around the country so people can top up their Model S' batteries while grabbing a bite or spending the night.

Tesla has partnered with a handful of companies to install Tesla-specific chargers at high-end destinations like the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay and the Meadowood Resort in St. Helena. Over 100 different destinations will get the chargers, which flow slightly more juice than a standard Level 2 unit, adding about 60 miles of range in around an hour. When we finally see them at Denny's, we'll know Tesla has gone mainstream.


who pays for the electricity? Can someone explain to me how that whole thing works? Who's liable for the energy