We don't know much about Theon Parseghian other than he's self-employed and lives in King Ferry, New York. Oh, and he built this amazing amphibious Volvo 240 that just went on its maiden voyage.

We've actually written about Theon before. Six years ago we featured his V8-swapped 1993 Ford Fiesta, a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive econobox of death known as Lost Innocence. Since then, he's swapped a WRX motor and a slew of other parts into a 93 Subaru Justy, and now he's created this, the Evolvo.


Based on the pics from Facebook and the video below, Theon bolted an '85 Brat engine where the rear seats would normally reside and hooked it up to a propellor. But what's more impressive is the body work, with it's cut roof, sealed doors, and watertight fenders. It looks like it rolled right out of Gothenberg ready to take to the lake.

We reached out to Theon for more details, but haven't heard back yet. Look for an update when we do.

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