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V8 Powered Ford Festiva Torque Steers Itself Into Our Hearts

Illustration for article titled V8 Powered Ford Festiva Torque Steers Itself Into Our Hearts

Most sane people who would consider swapping a V8 into Ford Festiva (an admittedly small subset) would make the switch to rear wheel drive. If you're going to do all that work, you might as well make it right wheel drive. One would also imagine such a swap would stay in the family, a Ford engine for a Ford Car, GM for GM, and so on. Well, member Theon Parseghian decided against both of those things when he built his widowmaker, the appropriately named Lost Innocence. Powered with a 355ci Chevy V8, with the cogs being turned inside a TH-350 running a BMW front axle, we're pretty sure the little red bomber will do some seriously stupid things. Front wheel donuts in reverse comes to mind immediately, but how about torque steering across multiple lanes of traffic? That could be fun, right?


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I've honestly never considered the aft-engine / forward-drive arrangement before now.

And I'm really hurting my head thinking about it now. Lessee...the FF package gives great space utilization and a nice, flat floorpan at the expense of traction under hard acceleration. FR keeps all the nice CG transfer under acceleration and gives a good balance of weight, at the expense of some interior space. Now, RF carefully wads up all the advantages of the previous two and throws them at the cat, while gleefully exulting in the various downsides. Have I got that right? Yes?

And to compound things, we'll do it all in an itty-tiny badgineered Forzda that has been repowered with a Chevy mill and trans running through a BMW diff and Audi shafts. I think that's everything.

Oh, wait: Exhaust system by Peterbilt.

I dub thee Fordenstein's Fucked-Up Monster.