The world doesn't need any more Camrys; we need more cars like these.

10.) Pontiac Solstice Coupe


Pontiac made just 1,266 of these handsome RWD coupes in 2009, and even less were the sporty GXP models with manual transmissions. This is the sport coupe we wish GM was making now.

Suggested By: reverberocket is nipping the apex..and gently blowing in it's ear., Photo Credit: Pontiac

9.) Volvo V70R


Who doesn't love a fast wagon? It many ways it's a car without compromise and the Volvo V70R was one of the best. Too bad less than 3,500 were made.

Suggested By: Capitan Intenso, Photo Credit: Volvo

8.) Porsche 914/6


The Porsche 914/6 was an absolute sales flop despite the fact that it was a light weight, mid engined, rear wheel drive sports coupe with a sweet flat-six. Values on the 6-cylinder 914s are reaching the stratosphere, due to its scarcity.

Suggested By: OneFastPuertoRican, Photo Credit: Porsche

7.) BMW 1 Series M Coupe


BMW sent just 740 1M Coupes to the US which is a shame considering it's one of the best BMWs of the modern era.

Suggested By: guesticulating, Photo Credit: Alexandre Prévot

6.) Ferrari F40


Yes, the F50, Enzo, and LaFerrari are all more rare. In fact, there are more F40s than all the others combined but I don't care. The F40 is the best of them all and the world needs more than 1311 of them.

Suggested By: _Mécanicien, Photo Credit: deejayqueue

5.) AC Cobra


There's approximately 10 billion replicas and just 998 original Cobras. If that doesn't prove that Shelby needed to make more Cobras I don't know what will.

Suggested By: Blondude, Photo Credit: Nathan Bittinger

4.) Toyota 2000GT


Toyota built only 351 examples of the most beautiful car to come from Japan. It's the only Japanese car to break the $1 Million barrier, and for good reason.

Suggested By: Jonee, Photo Credit: RM Auctions via Jalopnik

3.) McLaren F1


No. I'm not saying I wish McLaren made thousands of F1s, but 107? They could have made 200 so I might have even a remote chance of owning what might be the greatest car ever made.

Suggested By: RXEight, Photo Credit: McLaren

2.) Tucker 48


Tucker made just 51 of these forward thinking sedans before the company folded. It's one of the great automotive travesties.

Suggested By: 62imperialcrown, Photo Credit: Tucker

1.) Every Homologation Special


I could have put a homologation for every spot on this list, but instead, I'm going to dedicate the number one spot to all of them. Lancia Stratos, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ford RS200, BMW M3 EVO, Porsche 959, Ford GT40, Mercedes CLK-GTR, Celica GT-Four, Renault R5 Turbo, Ferrari 288 GTO, Audi Sport Quattro, Lancia Delta Integrale.

The list is endless.

Suggested By: waveridin1959, Photo Credit: Lancia

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Top Photo Credit: Toyota

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