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Anyone who's ever flown on a long, overseas flight arrives at their destination feeling like they need a shower. That is, unless you're flying in First Class with Emirates. Each of their Airbus A380s has two large bathrooms, equipped with a shower. Let's look at how they're made.

Diehl Aerospace Comfort Modules developed Emirates unique bathrooms over two years between 2005 and 2007. It takes about 2,000 hours to build one of Emirates Shower Spas. A team of twelve workers builds four showers per month. Emirates has 50 of the behemoth aircraft, so they're keeping Diehl quite busy.


Diehl says the furnishings include a marble sink, an illuminated vanity mirror, a movable magnifying mirror, along with ample space for toiletries and other accessories. It also has a hair dryer and a heated floor.


Diehl also designed the bathrooms for Lufthansa's first class, which were the first lavatories in the sky to be equipped with urinals.

Top image by Pyonko Omeyama (CC Commercial License)

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