How You'd Option Your BMW M3/M4

The BMW M3/M4 are probably the most anticipated and capable new sports sedans on the market. You want one. So do we. How would you have it?

For me, it's M3 all the way for a couple reasons. I think it's better looking than the admittedly gorgeous M4. The M3 is slightly narrower than the M4, which means the M3 needs fender flares to keep the track the same. There's also the name. I want an M3. Not an M4.


So, my M3? While I love the wild colors, I'd go mineral gray on the outside with Sakhir orange on the inside (I would get Austin Yellow but we're being realistic here and I wouldn't want that everyday. Plus, I'm a sucker for a bright red interior, which doesn't really match that color). I'd do the M suspension, 19 inch black wheels, steel brakes, LED lights, Harmon Kardon stereo, and the manual gearbox.

And that's it. I removed the rear window sunshade option since it was $575 I'd never use anyway. Total price comes to $72,075.

What about you? M3 or M4? Or M4 Convertible? What options? And why? Drop them below!

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