Drivers Save 6-Year-Old Boy Who Drove Toy ATV Onto Highway

And now, here's your "people in cars doing awesome stuff" feel-good story of the day: drivers on the Bronx River Parkway in New York this weekend saved a 6-year-old boy from a potentially nasty fate after he drove a toy ATV onto the highway. Good job, everybody!

NBC New York reports the boy, whose family said has autism, went missing from a park in Mount Vernon Sunday evening. Moments later police got 911 calls about a child driving Power Wheels-type ATV down the parkway. Most likely, the lad got on the highway at an exit on Oak Street, police said.


So rather than just drive past him or honk their horns at him for slowing traffic, as New Yorkers are wont to do, a group of three or four drivers shielded the boy with their cars and guided him to the side of the road, the TV station reports. Then another driver got out to retrieve the boy.

Police arrived and the young man was reunited with his family at an area hospital. He is reportedly fine, but it's likely he lost his toy ATV privileges for a while.

Photo credit Flickr/Doug Kerr

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