Rally Drivers Have Monster Crash And Even More Hilarious Response

Driver Thierry Neuville is rapidly gaining a reputation around these parts, both for incredible drifts and humongous crashes. But when he and co-pilot Nicolas Gilsoul went off the course at the Rally Deutschland this week, their passionate cries of " AHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK" rang throughout the land.

If you found yourself sliding off the road and doing a sextuple barrel roll into a German vineyard, you might find yourself spouting a string of profanity as you tumble down the hill, too. But somehow it's even funnier when they're professional rally drivers.


And they're Belgian.*

Both were unhurt, but that's just really a huge testament to the safety technology in their Hyundai rallycar. Seriously, just watch it from the outside:

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Also a testament to the effectiveness of the word "fuck" in expressing that inevitable tensing of anus while realizing that you're just along for the ride.

"Fuck"...when the "Merde!" just isn't strong enough.