Billionaire Prada Designer's Son Rolls Rally Car, Gives No Fucks

You're watching how WRC Finland ended for the Fuckmatie' World Rally Team. They might have 'fuck' in their team name, but they don't seem bothered by a high-speed rollover.

Codriver Mitia Dotta seemed slightly perturbed by the incident, but driver Lorenzo Bertelli (son of Prada designer Miuccia Prada) didn't seem troubled in the least.

I wouldn't either if my parents had an estimated net worth of over 19 billion bucks.


How much does a Fiesta R5 cost, anyway?

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Man this article was so much cooler in my head via me misinterpreting your headline.

I thought you were saying this rich billionaire's kid rolls around in a rally car instead of a Ferrari or whatever the rich kids roll around in these days.

Because all rally cars are technically street legal.