625-lb. Michigan Bomb Threat Suspect Says He's Too Fat For Court

The west side of Michigan is an endless source of tulips, Dutch surnames, religious zeal and large, bedridden men who make calls about bomb threats in trailer parks. Let's travel to the left part of the mitten for this very odd dispatch.


44-year-old Jeffrey Klein of Grand Rapids reportedly called authorities to say a bomb was going to go off at Cedar Springs Mobile Estates where he lived. He was, according to MLive, upset at trailer park management for some fines he'd racked up.

Since being charged with the bomb threat, Klein has repeatedly missed court dates for health reasons: He is 625 pounds, can't walk, always in bed and has had medical emergencies during the few times he actually has shown up to court.

Klein's attorney, Damian Nunzio said he has met with Klein three times and each time his client was in bed.

"I've never seen him walk," Nunzio said. The attorney said earlier this week that his client would probably have to be brought to court via a specially outfitted ambulance under conditions that could cost more than $2,000.


That's almost plausible — except for the fact that a Grand Rapids TV station actually saw Klein up and about moving around. Oops.

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