Wait, Superman Once Built A NASCAR Racecar?

While doing a bit of research for yesterday's Question of the Day, I came across one of those little facts that, upon hearing, makes you make one of those confused-disbelief faces the sitcoms like so much. The fact was that Superman once built a NASCAR racer. For a race sponsored by aliens.


Yes, the car is just known as "Superman's Race Car," and here's the description of it, from the Superman Wiki:

Superman's Race Car is a race car built by Superman, so that he could join a group of famous Nascar racers in an intercontinental race, which was sponsored by an alien species. (Superman Meets the Nascar Drivers)

I like that the "alien species" wasn't content to just observe our Terran-land-car races, but actually went so far as to sponsor it. Sponsoring implies they'd have some product or service to sell, right? What were they advertising, I wonder? Antennae wax? Blowhole lube? I hope it was something humans could use, otherwise those aliens are really going to take a bath on this one.


This one-shot issue has the sort of look of a comic book you'd get for free as a kid that had Superman very concerned with home window safety or the importance of getting enough sorghum in your diet, sponsored by the National Sorghum And Anti-Defenistration Council.

I haven't found any details about Superman's car itself, though based on the cars on the cover, I bet it's one of those NASCAR-style cars. But maybe it's that sprint car back there.


I wonder if he welded parts together with his heat-vision, or if he just contracted out some experts? I guess I'll never know, because the cruel fact of me not giving enough of a shit will always prevent me from finding an issue of this and reading it.

So sad.

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