Caught On Video: Cop Saves Woman From Choking On Hot Dog

Usually getting pulled over is terrible, for reasons virtually all drivers know. But on extremely rare occasions, it can be a life-saving blessing, as this Kalamazoo, Michigan woman learned. She had just begun to choke on a hot dog (seriously), when the cop that pulled her over gave her the Heimlich maneuver.

Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer and Local Hero Jason Gates had just pulled over an unnamed driver for running a red light, when he observed that she was choking. Initially thinking it was a ruse to get out of a ticket, he immediately saw there was something seriously wrong and moved to intervene, according to MLive:

"For the first second or so I thought she might be trying to just get out of a ticket and then I realized she was in legitimate respiratory distress, so I tried to dislodge the item from her throat by just hitting her on the back," Gates said. "When that didn't work, I got her out and I used the Heimlich for the first time in my nine year police career and it worked."

Gates said he didn't intend to write the woman a ticket after she ran a red light at the intersection of Cork and Burdick streets, but still felt he needed to stop her to give a warning.


Every so often, it's nice to have a good cop story.

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